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Nationwide (can reside anywhere within the United States)
RJH Casting


RJH CASTING is looking for:

Real USAA members and their families who have USAA AUTO INSURANCE. Specifically looking for members who experienced savings or exceptional service from switching to USAA or bundling insurance products.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please email the following information by June 19th to: 

1) Name/Age (list all family members in household)

2) Contact Info (phone, email, city/state)

3) Former Military Branch/Rank/Date of separation (Must be former military. We cannot hire active duty military. Reservists are ok if you are able to get permission from your Commanding Officer)

4) Which USAA products do you have? 

5) Write-up re: Experience with savings and/or service interaction with USAA. 

6) Email Recent photos of you, your family, and from military experience (if applicable)

Project Details, if selected:

PAID UNION Advertising for USAA – (SAG Union affiliation is not required) 

Skype Interviews: May/June 2019

Commercial Shoot: Week of July 15th 2019 – Chosen participants will be flown to the shoot location all expenses paid if it is in a different city than where they reside

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