131 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

General Overview: 

Manages the day-to-day operations of the physical plant of the Synagogue facilities.  Supervises and works alongside custodial services and serves as key liaison with outside contractors and service providers.  Monitors and/or facilitates “set-ups” for use of synagogue facilities (e.g. Preschool, Parenting Center, Religious/Hebrew School, Worship Services, Homeless Shelter, Facility Rentals, and many other programs and activities that take place within Brooklyn Heights Synagogue.) Purchases and monitors expenses and vendor contracts.  Constructs work schedules for all departmental custodians in tandem with the Office Operations Manager and the needs of the synagogue departments as reflected on the shared calendar. Works closely with the Executive Director and the main office to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of the Synagogue including logistics, processes for building requests and set-ups, and any other maintenance task that is necessary within the Synagogue as a facility.  Reports directly to the Executive Director or Office Operations Manager, depending on the purpose.


Experience with programmatic settings (school, religious institution) where multipurpose use exists
Knowledge of/Experience in Facility Management Best Practices
Supervisory Experience
Some Budgeting, Purchasing, and Inventory Experience
Systems Certifications (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, life safety) and 2 years of prior facility management
Facility with scheduling using software/computer programs
Strong interpersonal and customer service skills

Responsibilities Include, but are not limited to: 

o   Mechanical Systems And Other Maintenance. Perform some systems maintenance, repairs, and other handyman work as required.  Oversee care of facility and grounds.  Identify short and long term building needs in equipment and machinery, and work closely with the Executive Director to develop a plan for capital and non-capital replacement. Troubleshoot building and facilities mechanical systems failures and other problems. Contact and work with outside vendors when needed.

o   Custodial Services.  This is a working supervisor role. Supervise and work closely with the custodial staff.  Provide direction for daily tasks, and communicate and continue to find ways to ensure that work is done properly and efficiently. Create, monitor and approve time sheets of custodial staff.  Supervise and evaluate all custodians, providing positive feedback and recommendations for improvement.  

  • Budget/Inventory/Procurement.  Prepare and monitor the maintenance budget, including building supplies, building contracts, scheduled repairs and inspections, staff, benefits. Develop and maintain proper inventory control and an organized repair shop. Procure materials and supplies as needed and per budget.
  • Set ups/Break downs.  Along with other custodial staff, prepare and re-set all rooms for programmatic uses, often on a time-sensitive basis. Notify Office Operations Manager or Departmental leader of problems, and work together to ensure smooth operations.
  • Hire and Work with Outside Vendors.  Develop & assist in implementation of bid specifications or requests-for-proposals from outside contractors for service contracts and services in such areas as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing, special cleaning, and repairs, working in conjunction with the Office Operations Manager or Executive Director.  Monitor the work and performance of outside contractors and regularly report on such work to the Office Operations Manager or Executive Director.
  • Customer/Staff Relations.  Daily contact with synagogue members, outside contractors, and synagogue staff. Participate in monthly calendar/logistic meetings with the entire staff.  Meet regularly with the Office Operations Manager and/or Executive Director discuss issues and concerns.

Attitudes and Skills needed for success: 

An attitude of wanting to do the very best work that will reflect on both the Synagogue as well as the staff
An attitude of adaptability and flexibility
A self-starter who is energized by challenges and willingness to learn
A self motivator who is willing to be hands-on to ensure that the work by the staff is done properly and appropriately
A supervisor who can work closely with staff to ensure their work is satisfactory and motivate them to succeed in their positions
An understanding of the value of teamwork and a desire to be a part of a staff team
Creative problem solving and ability to follow-thru in a timely manner
Ability to create and implement systems
Ability to accomplish work with excellence and professionalism
Ability to multi-task in a busy member-service oriented environment
Strong organizational skills
Excellent communication skills 

Education: Required minimum – High School Diploma or GED; certifications in Boiler, Sprinkler, and Life Safety.

Hours.  Management (salaried) full-time position, typically M-F 7am-3pm.  Must be available to work flex time on weekends (as needed) from September through June, as may be necessary.  Some night work may required.  Must be available to work on the Jewish High Holy Days.