Eastern Oregon Ranch
Lone Pine Ranch

Caretaker for Lone Pine Ranch. 

August, 2022



Lone Pine Ranch is located on 4600 acres and borders Malheur National Forest. At the lower elevations we have grasslands and some sage brush.  Moving higher towards 6000 feet there’s Juniper and then ponderosa pine and eventually a mixed conifer forest of fir and pine.  There are elk and deer and turkeys.  It’s a beautiful property.


We are seeking a full-time, live-on-site caretaker(couple) to manage the maintenance and upkeep of this pristine wilderness ranch.  In consideration for housing and salary we expect the caretaker to average 40 to 60 hours a month.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  During the summer we lease the grazing rights to a local rancher.  While he is responsible for the cattle, fences and water and movement, we expect the caretaker to monitor what is going to and spot any problems.  In fire season, which can run from late April to early October, the caretaker needs to be on site or within close proximity.  Mowing and keeping the grasses low and watered around structures is a priority.  Raking pine needles away from structures is important.  Pruning, using a chipper, and burning slash at appropriate times is part of the job.  Other responsibilities include monitoring fuels including on- and off-road diesel, gas, and propane for heating; making sure batteries are charged (we have ATVs, a backhoe, dozer, excavator, skid steer and dump truck); keeping all tools stored neatly; and maintain a maintenance log on all equipment.  (The ability to service the equipment would be a plus.  Note: We rarely put a hundred hours per year on any piece of equipment except for the skid steer.)  An additional and important responsibility is security.  We keep gates locked and don’t want trespassers, particularly during hunting season. 

There are other responsibilities that mostly involve keeping things orderly and looking good.   

  We are absentee owners although we spend quite a lot of time there.  We are looking for someone or couple to consider the ranch theirs and who want to keep it looking great and want to make it even better. 

 The ranch is off the grid.  Everything is on solar-to-batteries backed up by 10kw generators.  The private road to the property is 6 miles from the county road and a further 2 miles from pavement and highway 26.  We are a total of roughly 20 miles from John Day with a population of approximately 1700.  The county has a population of about 7,000.  The ranch is 3.5 hours to Bend, Oregon and 4 hours to Boise, Idaho. 

 It should be noted that the private road of 6 miles leading to the ranch is rough.  It can take a half hour to cover those 6 miles.  In the winter there will be periods when 4-wheel drive is necessary. 

 The caretake house was built in 1998 and has its own solar panels, batteries and 10kw generator.  The 1800 sq ft house is well appointed with a full kitchen including a dishwasher. Heat is by propane and a wood stove.  Photos are available. 

 Housing and utilities come with the job.  Pay would be $2,000 per month. Health insurance is not provided. 

 To respond please send information to:

Tom Thomsen





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