San Diego, Ramona, CA 92065
Kingsbarn Equestrian Ventures, LLC

Ranch Operations Manager

Reports to Operating Partners of Kingsbarn Equestrian Ventures, LLC –

Steven Prescott and Victoria Prescott

  • Manage ranch hand hiring and interview process. Develop and maintain ranch hand job descriptions and work schedules providing adequate staff coverage and completion of facility day-to-day operations:

    – Arena watering, dragging and footing maintenance

    – Pen/stall cleaning, addition of shavings/bedding (Collaborate with lead ranch hand)

    – Animal feeding, watering and moving (Collaborate with lead ranch hand)

    – Filling and cleaning of water troughs and cleaning and maintenance of automatic waterers, water faucets and feeders (Collaborate with lead ranch hand and maintenance)

    – Stable services (turn in/out, blanketing, grain, etc.)

    – Produce staff assignments/resource allocation for events and projects, as needed

    – Research, review, and recommend to management personnel actions such as hiring, pro- motions, transfers, discharges, disciplinary measures, and employee development and incentives.

    – Implement and enforce company procedures and safety policies

  •  Oversee short-term and long-term maintenance projects:

    – Fence repair, replacement and painting (wood rail and post, iron pipe) (Collaborate with maintenance)

    – Shelters and outbuilding repair (Collaborate with maintenance)

    – Weed abatement (mowing, weed-whacking, manual weeding, manual brush trimming/ cutting) (Collaborate with maintenance)

    – Rain erosion control (Collaborate with maintenance)

    – Ground maintenance and landscape care (Collaborate with maintenance)

    – Vehicle, tractor, machinery, and tool cleaning and maintenance (Collaborate with maintenance)

    – Road and trail maintenance (Collaborate with maintenance)

  • Order ranch supplies, feed, necessary tools and materials:

    – Maintain supplier relations and identify opportunities to reduce ranch operating costs

    – Identify efficiencies in ranch hand work by purchasing necessary tools and potential implementing software and technology

  • Manage trainer and client relations:

    – Attract and retain top quality independent contract trainers, execute trainer contracts and ensure trainers follow company policies and procedures

    -Maintain communication with independent trainers to ensure their needs are met and notify them of ranch maintenance/repairs/construction and events that may interfere with their regular training schedules, checking for possible conflicts

    – Manage ranch calendar of events and projects

    – Proactively build trusting client relationships, collect regular feedback and act upon it to improve ranch operations

  • Promote the ranch with the goal to improve its reputation:

    – Work with Steven and Victoria on new ranch website

    – Collaborate with marketing consultants and come up with effective advertising strategy

    – Maintain website calendar and manage website updates

  • Identify and implement new revenue streams

    – Prioritize expansion of facility client base – boarders, trainers, events

    – Collaborate with Steven and Victoria to develop new revenue streams

  • Office Management – Using Quickbooks Online

    – Manage accounts receivable/payable, invoicing and payroll

    – Manage banking (maintain accurate banking records, deposits, expenses) (Collaborate with Victoria and company Controller)

    – Set up payroll service for employees, report hours to payroll service

  • Manage Shows/Events

    – Promote the ranch as an event venue / Advertising

    – Maintain Event Calendar

    – Negotiate and prepare event contracts

    – Schedule onsite event personnel both staff and volunteer

    – Coordinate set-up/preparation and clean up

    – Coordinate unforeseen event issues (parking, attendee needs)

    – Event security

    – Obtain show sponsorship, ribbons, prizes

    – Complete financial accounting of each show with income/expenses, including staff hours (Collaborate with Victoria)

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