Service Coordinator – Medicaid/Innovations – Veteran Jobs

1717 East Lawson Street, Durham, NC, USA


  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date information including files, progress notes (within 30 days of current date), records and reports on persons being served in program.
  • Maintain data in databases, files, and through change forms that is up-to-date and provide all reports or information as requested by DECI or funding sources.
  • Responsible for the development, implementation, review, and monitoring of effective and adequate vocational goals. Suggest goals to outside sources where inadequate or no goals exist when needed.
  • Collect, organize and analyze information about individuals through observation, interviews and other sources to appraise interests and aptitudes for vocational training and placement purposes.
  • Fully participate in all service planning meetings for individuals receiving services, recommending vocational goals and working with sponsoring agencies to advocate for most appropriate services. Coordinate with sponsoring agencies to maximize vocational potential of each individual receiving service.
  • Assist individuals in the program in movement toward competitive work through training and goal setting.
  • Develop and implement job-training, behavior plans, and appropriate interventions to achieve vocational goals as defined in each individual’s plan. May include demonstrating and/or performing various types of work within DECI or at a competitive worksite. Perform job analysis and task analysis to enhance training of individuals with disabilities. Task analysis will be used to develop task sequences and train individuals on new jobs.
  • Assist individuals in mastering skills and meeting production standards.
  • Provide individual or group counseling and training/learning opportunities that promote good work ethic, work attitude and current work skills to assist individuals in achieving competitive success.
  • Comply with all applicable rules, requests and regulations of DECI, CARF, DMA, CMA, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and DMH/DD/SAS. Ensure standards for record keeping, access, vocational program design, and program implementation is met.
  • Provide training, support and intervention to DECI staff as needed.
  • Seek out accommodations and or assistive technology necessary to optimize vocational achievement.
  • May include “Q” duties and qualifications if working with Medicaid billable services.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Specialization Areas May Include Any Combination of the Following: Facility-based Vocational Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Pre-vocational/Enrichment Services or School Transition to Work



  • Make or suggest referrals to appropriate services and act as an advocate for individuals receiving services.
  • Provide limited transportation and assist trainees in making independent transportation arrangements.
  • Take an active role in area organizations to advance or promote employment of people with disabilities.
  • Maintain certification in First Aid, CPR and North Carolina behavior intervention techniques.
  • Assist with persons with disabilities, including restraining in an emergency (if NCI-B certified).
  • Seek out no-cost or low cost educational materials to remain current with industry practices and methodology.
  • Substitute for other Program Services Staff as requested.
  • Participate in DECI-sponsored training as assigned and assist with training new staff.
  • Regular attendance is required between the hours of 8:15am and 4:15pm, M-F.

    • Related four-year degree preferred; may substitute equivalent related work experience in field such as social work, counseling, education, or vocational rehabilitation.
    • Strong analytical and organizational skills as demonstrated by past job performance. Ability to collect, organize and analyze information.
    • Excellent communication skills and ability to work cooperatively and effectively with people of all levels.
    • Good writing skills and proper use of grammar.
    • An understanding of basic behavior modification and task-training techniques.
    • An understanding of confidentiality and the rights of people with disabilities.
    • Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions independently, plan and organize work.
    • Excellent organizational skills. Must be able to schedule and prioritize assignments and juggle multiple tasks.  Must have initiative.  Flexibility in work and thought is important.
    • Ability to become certified in behavior intervention techniques (NCI).
    • Fluency in English language to facilitate communication with individuals with disabilities.
    • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.

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