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Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Shift Supervisor is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the facility during an assigned shift, to include the monitoring of boilers, turbine and steam plant.  The Shift Supervisor will routinely tour the plant and oversee the work of various personnel, while operating within all safety regulations, environmental limits and permits. In the event of emergencies or unusual operations, the Shift Supervisor will, if necessary, direct or personally perform the required operations as well as coordinate the activities of all personnel involved.

Shift Supervisors work a rotating 12-hour shift schedule that alternates between days and nights.  These schedules include weekends, holidays, outage support and vacation coverage.

Duties and responsibilities Include:

  • Responsible for maintaining a safe working environment for all personnel at the facility. Will ensure that all personnel follow all applicable policies and procedures and work in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Responsible for approving all requests for removing equipment from service for maintenance and other purposes, ensuring equipment is properly cleared and tagged, and issuing safety permits, in accordance with plant procedures.
  • Maintain the plant within all environmental limits and permits.
  • Emergency response to injuries or accidents.
  • Direct the completion of shift, daily, weekly and monthly checks.
  • Maximize operational performance of all aspects of the facility.
  • Troubleshoot plant operational issues.
  • Projects as determined by the Operations Manager.
  • Train and manage a workforce that is motivated, flexible in skills, cross trained, and technically capable to ensure an effective and motived team.
  • Responsible for technical training and development of all personnel on assigned shift.
  • Maintaining administrative records on personnel.

Position Requirements:

Qualified candidates

  • Must have 5 years or more of experience in power or resource recovery plant operations.
  • While an Engineering Degree is desirable, hands-on experience with high-pressure boilers and electrical generation, as well as formal technical training is required.
  • Must be willing to obtain & maintain an ASME QRO Provisional & Site-Specific Operators license.

Critical Skills and Abilities:

  • Detailed knowledge of the operation of steam generating power stations and instrument and control systems. Ability to originate and monitor plant procedures and technical instructions.
  • Well-developed skills in troubleshooting equipment and systems, training personnel and interpreting logic diagrams/schematics.
  • Good communication skills, strong leadership skills, and problem solving/decision making skills are a must.
  • Ability to work shift work, including nights, weekends, and holidays, as required to support the staffing of the facility 24/7.